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Love, Lipstick and Lies

Lipsticks, love And Lawsuits - Katie Price
"Katie remains true to her heart by always speaking her mind and living life to the full"

This is the fifth instalment in Katie Price's series of biographies. She's true to her word when she says she always speaks her mind.

I like to read trashy magazines as a way to zone out, however we never really get the "real" picture or the "real" story of what went on when we read the articles the magazines write on celebrities. Katie is not one for beating around the bush and this is why I absolutely love reading her biographies, we get the real, no lies events in detail.

As we all know Katie married and divorced Alex Reid and had a lot of bad press written about her. She covers this in-depth in this book and it was interesting to read what happened from her side of the story and how she managed to overcome everything to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Reading her story makes you appreciate the life we, normal people have. We may all have our own issues and problems but i am extremely grateful that I do not have to live my life in the limelight. Katie gets no privacy and in this book we also see it's hard to know who you can really trust. She shows us that even those who are closest to her will leak false stories about her, just to get their own little bit of fame. I truly feel sorry for Katie having so many people using her fame to make themselves famous by tarnishing her reputation.


Katie is an incredibly strong, thick skinned woman. Her biographies are always enjoyable and always present you with the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one and could not put it down. I look forward to the next instalment in Katie’s crazy life!

Littlest Bunny

The Littlest Bunny - Gillian Shields, Polona Lovsin

"And look at me!" cried the Littlest Bunny. Hoppity....loppity....hup....hop....FLOP! "You're just too little," the others said kindly.


The Littlest Bunny longs to bounce as high as his brothers and sisters. But he's just too little! Then he bumps into someone even smaller than he is and realises that being little can be great too.

The Littlest Bunny has the most gorgeous eye catching cover with bright colours and glittery flowers.


The illustrations are done by Polona Lovsin, and they are absolutely gorgeous, very cute.

The book has a great self esteem story. Great for teaching little ones about self esteem, making friends and treating everyone equally.

I loved the book because it had a lovely warm story with full page illustrations with a simple yet meaningful story.

DIY Nail Art

DIY Nail Art: Easy, Step-By-Step Instructions for 75 Creative Nail Art Designs - Catherine Rodgers

Us girls always like to sport the best looking nails with the newest trends. However i have personally always found it hard to look at a design and then transfer it to my own nails. The DIY Nail Art book makes all my dreams come true (apart from still not being able to use my left hand to paint my right) because it shows you step by step how to complete the design.



Below you can see a design...


And then here it shows you, step by step how to complete the design on your nails...

Each page has a new design, so in total there are about 155 different designs in the book.

Perfect for any glam, nail polish loving gal.

I love lemonade

I Love Lemonade - Mark Sommerset

 Here is the return of quirky turkey and baa baa sheep. If you thought the first book was hilarious then you are in for another treat with "I love lemonade''. Another FANTASTIC, humorous read by Mark Sommerset.

Quirky and Baa Baa have moved on from smarty tablets. After being tricked into eating Little Baa Baa's 'smarty tablets', Quirky turkey decides it's payback time, this time lemonade is introduced to replace the smarty tablets.

Again, without spoiling the story, let’s just say not everything goes quite to Quirky’s plan and we see more laugh your socks off humour.

Mark Sommerset you ROCK! Us children's librarians love your sense of humour and your books make great reads for our story times.


Baa Baa Smart Sheep

Baa Baa Smart Sheep - Mark Sommerset, Rowan Sommerset

Have you ever read a children’s book and enjoyed it, properly more than the child did?


Well this was one of those books for me. Its hilarious, and has wicked humour in it.


Not to spoil the ending of the story, but the whole concept of the book is about a sheep and a turkey being bored (and maybe somewhat gullible on the turkeys behalf) trying to find something to do. Well the sheep has some .... "smarty tablets" and explains to quirky turkey exactly what they are and what they do. Let’s just say what happens when the turkey decides to become smarter by eating the "smarty tablets" is rather funny!


A must read for all young and old. Really enjoyable funny read that you can read over and over and still enjoy the humour


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