I love lemonade

I Love Lemonade - Mark Sommerset

 Here is the return of quirky turkey and baa baa sheep. If you thought the first book was hilarious then you are in for another treat with "I love lemonade''. Another FANTASTIC, humorous read by Mark Sommerset.

Quirky and Baa Baa have moved on from smarty tablets. After being tricked into eating Little Baa Baa's 'smarty tablets', Quirky turkey decides it's payback time, this time lemonade is introduced to replace the smarty tablets.

Again, without spoiling the story, let’s just say not everything goes quite to Quirky’s plan and we see more laugh your socks off humour.

Mark Sommerset you ROCK! Us children's librarians love your sense of humour and your books make great reads for our story times.