Littlest Bunny

The Littlest Bunny - Gillian Shields, Polona Lovsin

"And look at me!" cried the Littlest Bunny. Hoppity....loppity....hup....hop....FLOP! "You're just too little," the others said kindly.


The Littlest Bunny longs to bounce as high as his brothers and sisters. But he's just too little! Then he bumps into someone even smaller than he is and realises that being little can be great too.

The Littlest Bunny has the most gorgeous eye catching cover with bright colours and glittery flowers.


The illustrations are done by Polona Lovsin, and they are absolutely gorgeous, very cute.

The book has a great self esteem story. Great for teaching little ones about self esteem, making friends and treating everyone equally.

I loved the book because it had a lovely warm story with full page illustrations with a simple yet meaningful story.